Product name CAS Structure Content
Mesitylene 108-67-8 108-67-8 99%


1. Mesitylene can be used to produce synthetic dyes, synthetic resins, liquid scintillator solvents, etc. Mesitylene is used as an organic chemical raw material to produce synthetic resins, M acid, mesitylene antioxidant 330, high-efficiency wheat herbicide, polyester resin stabilizer, alkyd resin plasticizer, and can also be used in the production of reactive brilliant blue, acid dyes, K-3R and other dye intermediates
2. Mesitylene is an important organic chemical raw material. By utilizing mesitylene, various dye intermediates such as trimethylbenzene, mesitylene acid, and mesitylene anhydride can be developed. It can also be used in the production of antioxidants, polyester resin curing agents, stabilizers, and alkyd resin plasticizers. Due to the fact that mesitylene is a good solvent, it is flammable, irritating, and has a low freezing point. In the electronics industry, it is used as a developer for silicone photosensitive films.
3. Mesitylene is also a common volatile organic compound (VOC) in cities, mainly produced by combustion. It plays an important role in many atmospheric chemical reactions, including the generation of aerosols and tropospheric ozone. Mesitylene is sometimes used as an internal standard in the nuclear magnetic resonance determination of organic samples containing aromatic protons.


Package: 180kg/Drum; Tank; ISO-tank.