Vitamin C Palmitate

Product name CAS Structure Content
Vitamin C Palmitate 1948-33-0  Structural image of Antioxidant TBHQ 99%

Synonyms: Ascorbyl Palmitate;

Function of feed permanent vitamin C Palmitate
1. Anti stress
Environmental, physiological, and nutritional stress can affect the synthesis and utilization of ascorbic acid in pigs, leading to vitamin C deficiency in animals, from reduced diet to disease. Therefore, adding vitamin C to the feed can effectively reduce stress, reduce the incidence rate of farm animals, and ensure their healthy growth.
2. Heatstroke prevention and cooling
During summer heat stress, adding vitamin C to feed can reduce the permeability of capillaries, enhance the body’s disease resistance, and reduce the degeneration of liver cell fat. Ensure that the metabolism and heat production of the body are not too high, which will help animals resist the heat stress injury of the body and reduce the incidence rate and mortality under high temperature.
3. Enhance immunity
vitamin C palmitate is a necessary nutrient for the normal functioning of the animal immune system. White blood cells are rich in Vitamin C palmitate, and when the body is infected, the vitamin C in white blood cells will sharply decrease. Vitamin C palmitate can increase the chemotaxis and deformability of neutrophils, enhance bactericidal ability, promote lymphocyte production, participate in immune protein synthesis, and promote the production of interferon. Regularly adding vitamin C to feed will play an important role in improving immunity.
4. Improve reproductive performance
Adding vitamin C palmitate to feed can significantly improve the semen quality and litter yield of farm male animals. Due to the fact that vitamin C can regulate calcium metabolism, promote calcium absorption and utilization, and increase sperm formation and semen volume, the addition of vitamin C can improve fertilization rate, litter yield, and other factors.
5. Prevention and treatment of diseases
(1) Vitamin C palmitate is not only used to prevent and treat Scurvy, but also used to treat various infectious diseases, high fever, wounds or burns, so as to enhance the body’s resistance to disease and promote wound healing.
(2) vitamin C palmitate can promote antibody generation, enhance white blood cell phagocytic function, enhance liver detoxification ability, improve myocardial and vascular metabolic function, and have anti-inflammatory and anti allergic effects.
(3) Adding vitamin C palmitate in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases can enhance the body’s resistance to diseases and shorten the course of the disease.


Standards: Feed grade

Package: 25kg/bag