About us

jiangsu high hopeJiangsu High Hope International Group Co., Ltd., founded in December 1996, was jointly established by a number of professional foreign trade companies originally affiliated to Jiangsu Province. In December 2015, High Hope Group, as the pilot unit of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises determined by the provincial party committee and provincial government, took the lead in realizing the overall listing of provincial enterprises. High Hope Group is one of the top 500 enterprises in China, the top 200 enterprises in China’s service industry, and the top 100 enterprises in China’s foreign trade, and ranks 43rd in the list of brand values of listed companies in China and overseas. Before the overall listing of High Hope Group, it mainly focused on trade business, supplemented by investment and real estate. After the overall listing, the development strategy of “building a leading enterprise in modern supply chain” was further established, and the two main businesses of supply chain operation and investment finance were defined. Among them, the supply chain operation business mainly focuses on the three fields of green cycle, livelihood guarantee and industrial poverty alleviation, and focuses on building five key supply chains, namely textile and clothing, fresh food, green cycle, bulk business and new business layout;

The investment finance business has continuously increased industrial investment, strengthened capital operation, and expanded supply chain finance, which has formed a close collaboration with supply chain operation to help the transformation and upgrading of the Group. High Hope Group will adhere to the core value of “making friends with the best of the best of the world, and pursuing a bright future”, implement the corporate mission of “innovating business models, integrating global resources, improving supply chain value, and achieving high-quality development”, strive to accelerate the establishment of a leading enterprise in modern supply chain integration and operation, and make new contributions to the construction of a new Jiangsu Province of “strong wealth, beautiful and high”!